Our Scrunchie collections

Our history

Fashion and Love, Self-confidence and Happiness, this is the essence and DNA of KALIE.

Our adventure begins in 2020 in Madagascar when the movement back to natural textured hair takes off. Our Limited Edition Creations combine love for hair and fashion. They are made to be unique and help express your personality.

The Kalie brand offers the perfect hair accessories to help you take care of your hair on a daily basis in harmony with your style.

It's the little details that define us and set us apart from others

KALIE is an original name taken from the combination of several words: "kaliana" in Malagasy means doing things with care and a lot of attention and "cali" which means the most beautiful.

A brand that harmonizes the know-how of Malagasy craftsmen and feminine beauty

The Foundress

Elvina Sylla is a Malagasy scientist and entrepreneur. Born in 1998 in Madagascar with naturally curly hair, she spent her childhood and adolescence following the country's beauty standards to be accepted in society.

Loving your textured hair is one thing, wearing it and taking it on daily takes a lot of courage. Living abroad helped me to return to nature, it was difficult and yet this enriching experience changed me a lot. Kalie is the beginning of a love story between myself. When we love, we take care of it.

Today I want to share this experience and contribute my share to society to change this standard of beauty.
It is with this principle that I created Kalie to allow all women to love themselves, to take care of themselves and their hair to be happy with top self-confidence.


One of the values ​​that are important to us is to promote the Vita Malagasy in Madagascar through the quality of our handmade products.
Share with the whole world this friendly touch that our big island has.

It also allows us to improve the lives of all these Malagasy women by encouraging their craftsmanship. Our products are entirely made in Madagascar by women in difficulty in their social life: inequality, discrimination, physical and sexual violence. Thus we help them to improve their living conditions while contributing to the development of our country.

At Kalie we also support an association with each item sold. MPANAVOTRA is an association located 50km from the capital, it helps the education of orphans from their youngest age until professional integration.

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