How to choose the ideal Scrunchie for our hair?

Kalie Chouchous are intended for all hair types: fine, thick, straight, wavy, curly, curly and frizzy.

They will accompany you to give a personal touch to your hairstyles while taking care of the hair.
You will accessorize your outfits by using them as a bracelet.

4 Dimensions

On each occasion, the choice of size. For major events: we recommend the XL and M sizes which will bring the touch of elegance you need to your outfit.

For everyday use, in summer, for sports: the Baby and Skinny formats are very practical and discreet to tie your hair up with charm. These are the ideal sizes for children and those with fine hair.

The waist circumference is identical for all sizes. Each format can perform the same trick on your hair. Only the width of the Chouchou is different between each format.

  • XL size


  • M-size


  • Baby size


  • Skinny fit


    Size of an elastic

What is the difference between the Scrunchie Collections?

Scrunchie collections differ in the nature of the fabric fiber, style and size.

We offer 5 collections with different fabrics available in 4 sizes (see above)
Accessories with a wide choice of colors and patterns.

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